Pongal Gift Rs 1000 to all Ration Card Holder in Tamil Nadu: Check list of the Pongal Items here

Tamil Nadu Pongal Gift Rs 1000: Today on the date of 5th January, Chief Minister MK Stalin announced Rs 1000 to every ration card holder as a Pongal Gift will be delivered from 15th January. For that, the state government also has been allocated a budget of more than 200 crores. 

Tamil Nadu Pongal Gift Rs 1000
Pongal Gift 2024

What is Pongal Gift in Tamil Nadu?

Tamil Nadu state government every year at this time announces a Pongal Gift for the citizens of the state. No matter whether families of the state are income tax payers or one of the members of the family are doing a job in government offices. Everyone who is a permanent resident of the state is able to get a Gift on these days by the government. 

What Items will get through Pongal Gift? 

State government announced that every family will get 1 KG of Raw Rice, 1 KG of Sugar, and 1 piece of sugarcane in this Pongal Gift. Along with that male members of the family will get one Dhoti and females will get one saree. One of the major gifts in this celebration is Rs 1000 cash will be provided also to the family head female through nearby ration shops. 

More than 2 crore family card holders get Pongal Gift Hamper

As per the media reports, in the Tamil Nadu state there are 2.19 crore family card holders which will receive the Pongal Gift. And if we count the price of the single gift then it will be around 238 rupees. That's why the state government has allocated nearly 239 crore rupees for this Pongal Gift Scheme 2024. 

Who is eligible to receive a Pongal Gift? 

Those who are permanent residents of Tamil Nadu are eligible. In short, those who have Ration Cards are eligible to receive Pongal Gift from the state government. 

Process to receive TN Pongal Gift in 2024

First of all you have to visit ration shops nearby and get a token by providing a copy of the ration card. This delivery procedure will be happening from 15th January to 18th January. At the time of token you will be directed and provided with a time of receiving a gift box. At that time and date you reach the FPS and receive your Pongal Gift. 

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